GCAL “Zero Tolerance” 4C’s Consumer Guarantee

The GCAL Exclusive “Zero Tolerance” 4C’s Consumer Diamond Grading Guarantee is fundamental to GCAL’s concept of independent, third party grading. The GCAL cash-back policy ensures the accuracy of the cut, color and clarity grades, and the carat weight assigned to GCAL graded diamonds subject to the limitations below.

GCAL guarantees that the diamond is an authentic, natural diamond and the carat weight and quality rating is assigned in accordance international standard grading practices, the GCAL Cut Grading Standard (for round diamonds), and the GCAL Grading Process.

The GCAL Grading Process requires that each certified diamond has been positively identified by Gemprint™ and registered in our database, then examined by our gemologists for authenticity and graded by two or more expert graders and verified by a senior expert. The final grade assigned will be by consensus of all grader’s expert opinions.

The GCAL “Zero Tolerance” 4C’s Consumer Guarantee is valid for a period of two years from date on the applicable certificate. The Guarantee does not apply to a diamond that has been subjected, to damage, treatment, re-polishing, re-cutting or other alterations or evidence of alterations of any kind, or other treatment as determined by GCAL. The Guarantee is not transferrable and void if the diamond was acquired illegally or used in the commission of a crime, or used in violation of applicable laws and regulations of the United States of America. This guarantee is only applicable to a consumer who purchases for legitimate personal, family or household purposes.

Procedure to Challenge GCAL Certificate

If you have reason to believe your GCAL certified diamond does not meet the carat weight or quality grades stated, you may, within two years of the date on the applicable certificate, submit your diamond for the guarantee challenge. If after a positive match of your diamond to the diamond that was originally examined on the applicable certificate and a complete review by GCAL Lab Directors, it is determined by GCAL that either the weight or quality grade is lower than the weight or quality grade originally assigned on the applicable certificate, or the diamond is not authentic, GCAL will, at your option, either (a) reimburse you the difference between the current fair retail value of your diamond at the original grade or weight, as may be applicable, and the current fair retail value of your diamond at the newly established grade or weight, as may be applicable, or (b) replace your diamond with an authentic, natural diamond of weight and quality grade as stated in the original certificate for your diamond.. The current fair retail value will be solely determined by GCAL in the market from which the diamond was purchased and the date of your notice to GCAL.

Contact GCAL offices prior to sending your diamond for review. There will be a consumer guarantee challenge submission fee and return shipping charge quoted at time of notification. Your diamond must be unmounted, and be accompanied by a copy of the original retail sales receipt and the original GCAL certificate. No exceptions.