Five Star Diamond Certificate Five Star Diamond Certificate

To meet today’s demands you need more than the 4Cs. Consumers will benefit from the third party independence and support of the GCAL Five Star Diamond Certificate, which bundles all security, technical and sales information into one diamond grading certificate.

Ideal Cut Certificate Ideal Cut Diamond Certificate

The Ideal Cut diamond is based on “triple ideal” parameters where the diamond is “excellent” in all three ratings: (1) proportion- girdle thickness, culet size, table %, total depth %, crown angle, pavilion angle; (2) finish- polish and symmetry; and (3) direct light assessment - optical brilliance and optical symmetry.

GemFactsSM Digital Certification Data Mini-CD Gemfacts Digital Certification Data Mini-CD

GCAL offers GemFactsSM, the next generation in diamond certificates and an electronic record of a diamond.

SourceVeritasSM Passport Source Veritas Passport

The SourceVeritasSM Passport provides the security, safety and disclosure of the assurance that a diamond was sourced from a known diamond approved diamond source. The SourceVeritas Passport is providing a revolutionary new step to assist your customers and raise consumer confidence.

Gemprint™ Gemprint

Gemprint™ is the world's most sophisticated, non-invasive diamond identification and registration system. Gemprint™ is rapidly becoming the global standard for diamond identification