SourceVeritasSM Passport

The Next Generation in Diamond Certification

SourceVeritas Passport Now a retail customer can have more confidence in the diamond buying experience than ever before with the SourceVeritasSM Passport. From the familiar and comfortable design to the security, safety and disclosure to the assurance that the diamond was sourced from a known approved diamond source, the SourceVeritasSM Passport is providing a revolutionary new step to assist your customers and raise consumer confidence.

Every feature of the SourceVeritasSM Passport has been designed and executed to communicate assurance and includes the most sophisticated technology for analysis and security.

The Cover – Designed for Confidence

SourceVeritas Passport Cover The cover is designed with the look and feel of a U.S. Passport and in a similar size. The gold foil stamped seal on the blue leatherette cover makes a presentation of the SourceVeritasSM Passport to support the quality of the diamond and the shopping experience. With this design, there is a suggestion that the diamond is a world-wide product, imported for the benefit of the customer. The design encourages confidence in the source.

Page 1 – Gives Assurance: Source and Security

SourceVeritas Passport Page 1 The first page presents information relating to the source of the diamond including the approved diamond source identity or logo. At the option of the approved diamond source, the name of the specific source will be included.

Disclosure under the approved diamond source identity states: “SourceVeritas (U.S. patent pending) assures that this diamond was cut from a stone compliant with the Kimberley Process and the 2003 Clean Diamond Act.”

Each diamond is imaged using Gemprint™, the patented non-invasive identification system, as an exclusive benefit in the bundled services of the SourceVeritasSM Passport. This “fingerprint” of the diamond secures the matching of the diamond examined at the lab to the certificate that was issued, providing confidence at every point in the distribution – especially to the retail consumer – that the diamond presented is the same diamond that has been certified.

Page 2-3 – Provides Independence: Grading and Controls

SourceVeritas Passport Page 2 & 3 The 4Cs grading analysis is performed by our expert staff that is independent of the diamond distribution chain and therefore unbiased – providing additional confidence to the retail consumer. The entire grading process is integrated into the internal control processes of the publicly traded parent company that is audited by independent accountants for both financial reporting and internal controls and that reports quarterly to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The presentation of the 4Cs is clear and concise and includes a reference to easily understood grading scales in a graphic presentation on subsequent pages.

Page 4-5 – Displays Graphics: Compelling and Clear

SourceVeritas Passport Page 4 & 5 Photomicrographs of the crown and pavilion are presented for additional security and identification purposes. In addition, the proportions of the diamond are presented in an easy-to-read graphical format.

An exclusive element of the bundled services in the SourceVeritasSM Passport is a direct assessment light performance analysis of Brilliance and Symmetry in a graphical presentation along with the grading description.

Page 6-7 – Presents Scales: Color, Clarity and More

SourceVeritas Passport Page 6 & 7 The presentation provides consumer-friendly graphic information on light analysis, including the grading scales with corresponding images for Brilliance and Symmetry.

In addition, the grading scales for color, fluorescence and clarity are presented with corresponding easy-to-understand graphic images thereby providing increased information and confidence to the retail consumer.

Page 8 – Discloses Practices: Apporved Diamond Source and GCAL

SourceVeritas Passport Page 8 The disclosure includes, at the option of the approved diamond source, a brief “About Approved Diamond Source” description which may include the number of years in business, number of world wide offices and other information that adds confidence to the supplier of the certified diamond. The presentation may also provide a recital of “Best Practices” policy which includes statements regarding general practices for positive corporate conduct. The concluding disclosure “About SourceVeritas” describes the patent pending process of the SourceVeritasSM Passport assurance of compliance with the Kimberley Process and the 2003 Clean Diamond Act and proudly displays the NASDAQ logo and confirmation that GCAL is a subsidiary of a publicly traded company.

Inside Cover – Assures Grading: Guarantee and Cash

SourceVeritas Passport Inside Cover One of the key elements providing confidence to the retail consumer is the GCAL Grading Guarantee. On the inside cover of the SourceVeritasSM Passport, there is a presentation of the entire grading guarantee. Here there is full disclosure about the cash back guarantee if GCAL makes a defined error in color or clarity grading. GCAL initiated this consumer-friendly guarantee that is included as an important aspect of the bundled services in the SourceVeritasSM Passport. Learn more about the GCAL Guarantee.


  • Provides valuable store and product differentiation and increased consumer confidence
  • Natural diamonds are promoted as a valuable, world-wide, imported product
  • Increased consumer confidence with positive Gemprint identification and grading guarantee


  • Assurance from an independent, unbiased, third-party source that the polished diamond was made from a rough diamond that was compliant with U.S. and international diamond trading laws
  • Increased confidence in security of diamond-to-certificate match with Gemprint™ digital “fingerprint”
  • Improved understanding of diamond grading and well supported diamond information with digital image technology and user-friendly, convenient format
Mine to Market Process Diagram

The “mine to market” process is subject to a pending U.S. patent assigned to Collectors Universe, Inc., the NASDAQ traded parent company of GCAL. © 2006 Gem Certification & Assurance Lab, Inc., a subsidiary of Collectors Universe, Inc. NASDAQ:CLCT