GemfactsSM Digital Certificate

GemFacts Digital Certification Data Mini-CD GCAL offers Gemfacts, the next generation in diamond certificates and an electronic record of a diamond. Gemfacts is also an effective sales tool for the retail jeweler, and it provides an ideal learning experience for the diamond’s owner. When accessed on the internet, it is a permanent, comprehensive and easily accessible online record.

  • Many of today's consumers are computer savvy and appreciate retailers with digital solutions like Gemfacts.
  • Digital certificates are a strong marketing tool for the young and bridal markets, which already rely on the internet for information about diamonds. Gemfacts can be viewed on the CD or online.
  • Potential purchasers can be engaged in the review of a diamond with greater appeal and elegance than with presentations or reports that are supported by paper certificates alone.

Gemfacts Digital Certification Data Mini-CD

View demo of a sample interactive certificate.

Educational Benefit

Customers are happiest when they fully understand their purchase. Gemfacts gives buyers the ability to examine their diamond certificate on their home or office computer, with a disc for safekeeping. The Digital Certification Data includes all of the grading, light performance and Gemprint information from the GCAL certificate.

Permanent Record

Digital certification data means that the diamond’s record is always available on GCAL’s database, ready to access the most comprehensive certificate in the industry with just a reference number and an internet browser. This facilitates insurance matters and provides yet another source of valuable back-up information.