Five Star Diamond Certification

GCAL Five Star Diamond Certificate Front       GCAL Five Star Diamond Certificate Back

Direct Light Performance Analysis

You can use this advanced light measurement technology to demonstrate both brilliance and optical symmetry. The GCAL Grading Certificate includes this light performance analysis which shows a visual image of the brilliance and optical symmetry along with a comparison scale so it is easy to understand the diamond’s light performance quality.

Gemprint™ Security Registration

You will deliver security and confidence to your customers with the Gemprint Security Registration that is included with every GCAL Grading Certificate. Gemprint is a unique identification and tracking technology which is used by the FBI and the Canadian Government. You can demonstrate to your customer that the exact diamond they are purchasing is the same diamond that was certified by GCAL, adding a level of security and confidence to the purchase. The unique diamond “fingerprint” of each diamond can be matched in our international database, which entitles your client to receive discounts from insurers in the US and abroad.

Laser Inscription

Your diamonds will be laser inscribed to your specifications including custom logo. Your diamonds are safe in our inscription process as we use the high technology cold laser for all of our inscriptions.

Grading Guarantee

You will deliver to your customers the confidence of a unique money back grading guarantee included with your GCAL Grading Certificate, and backed by the NASDAQ publicly traded parent of GCAL. The guarantee is straightforward: if the diamond is re-submitted within the covered time, and the weight or quality is determined to be more lower than originally assigned, then you or your customer receives the cash value of the difference in the grades. This means you and your customers have a certificate backed by a guarantee, not a report that is just an opinion. View the details of this revolutionary guarantee.

Fair and Consistent Clarity and Color Certification

You and your customers can be sure of the care taken to determine the clarity and color on your GCAL Grading Certificate. Your diamonds are individually examined by two experts and verified by a third and senior expert before receiving the final grade for certification. GCAL is a subsidiary of a NASDAQ publicly traded company and is the only diamond grading company subject to internal control audits by outside accounting firms with reporting regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. These extra internal controls and the Guarantee provide you and your customer with the added assurance of the quality of your GCAL Grading Certificate.