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Betting on Botswana
GCAL and MOTIGANZ partner to bring Botswana diamonds Stateside

MOTIGANZ, a DTC Sightholder, will be working with GCAL to certify diamonds mined and polished in Botswana. This program will assure customers that the diamonds they are purchasing are compliant with the Kimberley Process, a set of international trading laws that prohibit so-called 'conflict diamonds', stones mined to finance warlords or involving child labor. GCAL was chosen specifically for its exclusive Gemprint® technology, the process for finding a diamond's unique optical fingerprint, and its commitment to transparent industry practices. GCAL Certified MOTIGANZ branded Botswana diamonds will be listed for purchase on CDE.

"Botswana is one of the very few African democracies that actually works,” explains Donald A. Palmieri, GCAL President.

 "This is why I am particularly happy to confirm  that we have made a deal with MOTIGANZ with the written blessing and encouragement from Dr. Tombale, Minister Of Mines and Diamond Hub Coordinator for Botswana, to begin certifying ‘Made In Botswana’ diamonds in a co-branded certificate. Botswana's ongoing partnership with De Beers, called ‘Debswana’, has afforded  the country significant resources to bolster the infrastructure of their country, educate all Botswanans through college, and provide free medical care for every Botswanan for life. We are elated to be involved in this success story."

MOTIGANZ, a DTC Sightholder since 1991, and a DTC Sightholder in Botswana since 2007, set out to build a state-of-the-art factory in Botswana that also provided jobs for locals. The factory opened in 2007, and MOTIGANZ has been working towards the right scenario in which it could bring its Botswana mined and polished  stones to the market.

"The end consumer is more and more concerned about being sure their diamonds are free of conflict," explains Orly Samid, Marketing Director for MOTIGANZ. "This is part of our obligation to them and to the industry. We want to enforce and to insure, and GCAL has the whole package necessary to implement such a project. Gemprint® can track these stones from rough to end product, and GCAL certification also gives us a lot of added value. It makes perfect sense for us to partner with them."

Botswana is one of the world's largest diamond sources, creating a huge opportunity for the country's growth through industry. MOTIGANZ is the only DTC Sightholder that mines 100 percent of its rough from the country, and therefore, the origin of all its stones can be guaranteed.

MOTIGANZ will also be partnering with non-profit organizations to benefit Botswana and its people through diamond sales. "Our efforts in terms of giving back are so important," Samid explains. "We're already getting more and more involved in the community: "We took a sponsorship for the football team and the 2007-08 Miss Botswana contest, as well as donated jewelry and training for the contest." Through this involvement, the reigning Miss Botswana is now the company's spokesperson.

Day's Jewelers, based in Maine, has already signed on to jumpstart the program by agreeing to sell GCAL Certified Botswana Diamonds. A loyal GCAL client, Day's completed three days of training led by Palmieri

in October. "This is the second time that Don has come to work with our staff, and it is just marvelous," says Jeff Corey, President, Day's Jewelers. "He has his priorities straight: The customer is King, and he preaches as well as practices that message." Corey, along with his wife Kathy, is a pioneer in the fight against Conflict Diamonds. After lobbying Congress in 2001 to pass the Clean Diamond Act, Day's became one of the first jewelers in America requiring vendor compliance with the conflict-free statement on every invoice, and they were one of the charter US retailers to become members of the Council for Responsible Jewelry Practices. "GCAL presented us with a real opportunity to use the wealth of natural resources in Botswana in the right way," Corey says. "Botswana could be the shining light for the whole continent, and it is very exciting. We are thrilled to be able to be part of the puzzle."

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CDEcommerce Launches
GCAL and Ideal Diamond Solutions to provide free e-commerce sites for retailers

GCAL announces the launch of CDEcommerce, a customizable website module available to any jewelry retailer and exclusively offering GCAL Certified Diamonds and jewelry. This turnkey e-commerce solution is completely free of charge, and allows retailers to create a personalized website module stocked with diamonds and jewelry set up for consumer purchasing. CDEcommerce is part of an ongoing effort by GCAL to create opportunities for retailers and vendors to reach end consumers.

GCAL’s Certificed Diamond Exchange (a wholesale B2B diamond exchange at and Ideal Diamond Solutions (IDS) have teamed up to offer an online retailing solution to jewelers who might otherwise be years away from capitalizing on the dynamic internet marketplace. "At GCAL, we are dedicated to helping the professional retail jeweler bring greater consumer confidence and liquidity to the diamond pipeline,” says Donald A. Palmieri, GCAL President. “The IDS offering is one more great leap forward toward that goal.”

A simple registration system leads new users through a setup phase, and the CDEcommerce website module is automatically created immediately after the registration process with a direct connection to the full CDE online inventory. IDS then provides members with a centralized platform that allows retailers to control the GCAL product offering and customize the website with their store’s logo, ‘About Us’, and ‘Contact’ information.

IDS was created to level the playing field, and to empower independent retail jewelers to cost effectively compete online, utilizing the jewelry industry’s premier Web 2.0 e-commerce platform. Members of CDEcommerce are able to upgrade to a full IDS website package at any time. According to Larry Chasin, IDS President, there are two ways that CDEcommerce will work for retailers and CDE vendors. “First, it will provide a full online shopping experience for customers who can’t come to the bricks-and-mortar store. But second, and even more importantly, it will act as a virtual inventory tool enabling retailers to work with their customer, and then contact CDE vendors directly to bring diamonds into the store to make more in-store sales.”

"Larry Chasin's background in manufacturing and wholesale, combined with his direct interaction with retail jewelers over the course of his career, provides him with unique insight into the needs of the retail jeweler,” explains Angelo Palmieri, CDE Administrator. “I am excited to be collaborating with IDS and his team of exceptional

professionals to bring the full measure of added value that GCAL and CDE have to offer."

This interactive shopping experience allows smaller retail businesses to compete with the big chains by linking directly to CDE’s full inventory of GCAL Certified Diamonds. In addition to virtual guaranteed availability to the consumer, involvement on the retail side is minimal. IDS takes care of all administrative interface, including fulfillment, credit card processing, online marketing and customer service. Time consuming Search Engine Optimization, which drives traffic to your site via partners like Google and Yahoo!, is also part of the package for an additional fee.

“This is the first time that a diamond grading laboratory is providing a free, customized website tool to explain and show the benefits of its certificate,” Chasin says. “There is a lot of added value that comes with GCAL Certified Diamonds, and this is a great tool to help retailers make more diamond sales.” As the Business-to-Consumer extension of CDE, CDEcommerce can be linked to any existing website. “IDS is thrilled to be partnering with GCAL to create CDEcommerce, and we’re particularly excited to help retailers become more enabled to sell this amazing product to their customers.”

To begin your free CDEcommerce registration, log on to

To learn more about CDE, log onto

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Crystal Beam Melody
Debuts on Sir Gabi S. Tolkowsky talks science and beauty

With over 50 years in the diamond industry, Sir Gabriel (Gabi) Tolkowsky is recognized as the world's foremost master cutter and diamond expert. Never content to rest on industry standards, he is a pioneer who continues to create some of the most compelling diamond innovations, including the 105-facet Gabrielle Diamond. One of his most unexpected projects is Crystal Beam Melody, an invention that uses the unique optical response of a gemstone to produce a song. This optical response is found using Gemprint®, the world’s most sophisticated, non-invasive diamond identification and registration system, owned by GCAL.

How does it work? Simply put, a diamond’s unique sparkle pattern (found using Gemprint®) is converted to a sound transfer file based on algorithms. As the optical response of each gemstone is unique, the musical representation will be unique. Ready in time for holiday season, sample music from the Crystal Beam Melody project will be available on DiamondProfile talked to Tolkowsky about the idea behind the process and how it will excite the consumer.

Diamond Profile: Why are you so interested in the relationship between science and beauty?

Sir Gabi Tolkowsky: Science and beauty are major facts that we need to be able to face the challenges that guide us towards discoveries. If you ask me why was I able to marry the two so brilliantly, it is because a diamond’s complexity in both science and beauty is always giving us something new to work with, and therefore presents us with challenges that help our industry grow.

DP: Why is Gemprint® the perfect partner for this project?

GT: Gemprint® provided us with the possibility to identify the unique return of light refracting from the heart of every single polished diamond. This in return produces, for each single diamond, its unique fingerprint. By understanding that energy such as light could respond to such a demand, it was natural to continue towards the next energy such as sound and discover the response. From there we learned that the rays of such light return can be transformed into a ‘unique and single melody’, or Crystal Beam Melody.

DP: Why will Crystal Beam Melody intrigue the diamond-buying consumer?

GT: This process is already a success in many countries around the world, so I think that the U.S. will be equally as excited. With Crystal Beam Melody, you can not only see and touch diamonds, but you can listen to their particular and unique melodies. The current fragile state of the world will probably make people aware that one of life’s great pleasures is enjoying joyful sensory experiences, especially ones that arose from natural discoveries.

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CDE Spotlights New Sellers

Lipworth Diamond Corp.

The newest addition to Certified Diamond Exchange, Lipworth Diamond Corp. specializes in high-quality inventory in round and fancy shapes from thirds to 4 carats. President Alan Lipworth and his senior assistant Maria Callica have over 60 years combined experience in the diamond industry. The corporate emphasis on consistent top-make, competitive pricing and excellent service distinguish the brand from the competition. Lipworth is associated with various joint venture operations worldwide, including siteholders and major manufacturers; this, combined with a low overhead, enables Lipworth Diamond Corp. to bring the market high-end diamonds at very reasonable prices.

Currently, CDE carries more than a thousand Lipworth diamonds, and the partnership will be long-term. “The level of grading at GCAL is consistent and uniform, and the lab is marketed well and run by people who know what they’re doing,” explains Lipworth. “This really presents an opportunity for us to be aligned with another business that takes pride in performing at the highest standards. Their level of internet expertise and innovative approach has convinced me that GCAL will be a major force in the industry.”

EL OR Company

EL OR Company has been serving many of America’s foremost jewelers and designers since 1982 with matched pairs and matched layouts of diamonds. EL OR supplies the matched diamond pairs and diamond layouts either loose or mounted with a flexible head for your center diamond.

Pairs are available in cost effective semi-mounts that can be set with center diamonds currently offered on CDE. EL OR offers the service of providing a ring with the sized head to the supplier of the center diamond to set and ship the ring complete to the client, thereby saving the store time, money and production hassles. All mounted pairs are accompanied by a GCAL Guaranteed Certificate as an additional value added service.

The company's award-winning website allows fine jewelers to brand their store name to stay ahead of the competition.

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CDE Power

All of your holiday shopping needs right at your fingertips. Just log on to to peruse GCAL Certified Diamond inventory from the sellers listed below.

A.S. Diamonds
15 W 47th St., Ste. 200,
New York, NY 10036
212 221-9751
Alain Spira
Aura International, Inc.
580 Fifth Ave, Ste. 1217,
New York, NY 10036
800 435-2872
Joel Rosenfeld
Edalati Int’l, Inc.
10 W 47th St., Ste. 1002,
New York, NY 10036
212 575-2294
Elie Edalati
Edelstein Diamonds
580 Fifth Ave., Ste. 521,
New York, NY 10036
212 768-1500
Carl Edelstein
EL OR Company
580 Fifth Ave, Ste. 605A,
New York, NY 10036
866 840-1999
Oren Dror
Esskay Gems, Inc.
36 W 47th St., Ste. 1001,
New York, NY 10036
800 345-3429
Benjamin Krischer
Hasenfeld-Stein, Inc.
580 Fifth Ave, Ste. 1100,
New York, NY 10036
800 223-3315
Ariel Lev
Jonathan Green, Inc.
580 Fifth Ave., Ste. 715A,
New York, NY 10036
212 764-8855
Jonathan Green
Julius Klein
20 W 47th St., 9th Flr.,
New York, NY 10036
800 334-0919
Isaac Fish
KGK Diamonds
35 W 44th St.,
New York, NY 10036
212 221-6630
Allen Bloom
Lipworth Diamond Corp.
580 Fifth Ave., Ste. 2804,
New York, NY 10035
212 944-6272
Alan Lipworth
Moshe Namdar & Co.
579 Fifth Ave., Ste. 602,
New York, NY 10017
Raizee Friedman
Ovadia Diamond Co.
589 Fifth Ave, Ste. 905,
New York, NY 10017
212 319-8840
Guy Yosef
Perrier Gems
579 Fifth Ave., Ste. 801,
New York, NY 10017
212 826-6688
Peri or Eli
R & R Grosbard, Inc.
1185 6 Ave, 20th Flr.,
New York, NY 10036
917 548-7424 Ext 125
Jinish Shah
Z Kor Diamonds
10 W 47th St., Ste. 1105A,
New York, NY 10036
212 840-7680

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The Botswana Family Tree

GCAL, MOTIGANZ and Day’s Jewelers join forces at the counter

From left to right: Jim Corey (Day’s Jewelers),
Angelo Palmieri (GCAL) Kathy Corey(Day’s Jewelers),
Donald Palmieri (GCAL), Jeff Corey (Day’s Jewelers)
MOTIGANZ Botswana Factory MOTIGANZ patrons Botswana’s
National Champion Football team
MOTIGANZ Botswana Factory The Miss Botswana Contest Received a
Sponsorship from MOTIGANZ

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